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  1。.more than。

  more than 后跟数词,相当于over,翻译成“多于、超过”等,强调某物数量上超出某一范围。

  More than 1,500 people were killed in the earthquake. 地震中有一千五百多人遇难。

  I have collected more than 3 hundred stamps so far. 到目前为止,我已收集了300多张邮票。



  His egg is more than mine.


  多余的英文是surplus,读音为:英[?s?:pl?s] 美[?s?:rpl?s]。

  1. adj. 过剩的; 多余的。

  2. n. 盈余; 顺差; 剩余额; 公积金。


  1. Germany suffers from a surplus of teachers.


  2. Few people have large sums of surplus cash.


  3. Japan's annual trade surplus is in the region of 100 billion dollars.


  4. I sell my surplus birds to a local pet shop


  5. The houses are being sold because they are surplus to requirements.


  6. The doctrine of surplus value is the cornerstone of Marx's economic theory.


  7. It produces more than it needs, then dumps its surplus onto the world market.


  8. Portugal will probably have a small current-account surplus for 1992.


  9. Surplus resources alone do not guarantee growth.


  10. Japan is in the enviable position of having a budget surplus


  more than1.超过,多于 It's no more than one mile to the shops.到商业区不过一英里。

  His insolence is more than I can stand.我受不了他的无礼。2.很, 非常 I was more than a little angry when I saw how they'd ruined it.当我见到他们是怎样把它破坏时, 我不禁大为愤慨。

  She was dressed more than simply.她穿着十分朴素。His answer more than satisfied me.他的回答使我非常满意。

  3.不只是 His report is more than a survey.他的报告不只是一份调查。More than one answer is to your question.你的问题答案不只是一个。

  More than one are〔is〕 going.不止一个人去。More persons than one were invited.受邀请的不止一个人。

  4.在。次以上over介词 prep.1.(表示位置)在…的正上方; 在…的上面; 在…的上空 There is a lamp over the table.桌子正上方有一盏灯。

  The clouds are right over us.现在云正在我们的头顶上。2.(表示位置)遍布在…上面, 扩展到…全部 A smile came over her face.她的脸上露出了笑容。

  Brilliant light poured over me.耀眼的光洒遍我的全身。3.(表示方向)越过, 从一边至…的另一边 Instead of opening the gate, we climbed over it.我们没有开门, 而是从门顶上爬过去的。

  We moved through fields and over ditches.我们穿过田野, 跨过沟渠。4.(表示方向)从…的边缘向下 The weight of the net pulled him over the edge and into the sea.沉重的鱼网把他拖下崖边坠入海中。

  5.(表示等级或数目)高于; 在…之上, 超过 I am not in charge of the department; I have two people over me.我不是这个部门的主管, 我还有两位上级。6.(表示时间或过程)在…期间; 在从事…的时候 Will you be at home over Christmas?你圣诞节期间在家吗?The leaders met over informal lunches.领袖们在非正式午餐时进行会晤。

  They discussed it over a game of golf.他们一边打高尔夫球, 一边讨论。7.(表示论及)关于, 在…方面 These men have quarreled over the price of a load of hay.这帮人为了一车干草的价钱争吵不休。

  8.(部份或全部覆盖)在…上面 9.在…的远端(或对面) 10.到另一边;翻越 11.从…落下 12.遍及13.多于(某时间、数量、花费等)14.渡过(困难阶段或局面) 15.由于;关于 16. 利用;通过 17.声音大于 副词 adv.1.(倒)下, (掉)下, 翻过来 She knocked the vase over.她碰倒了花瓶。2.从一边至另一边, 从一方至另一方 Let's change these two pictures over.我们把两张画对调一下位置。

  We rowed over to the other side of the river.我们划船到河的对岸。3.全部地, 从头至尾 I have read the paper over.我把报纸全部看完了。

  I have looked all over for him.我到处都找过他了。4.再一次, 重复地 My sums were wrong and I had to do them over.我的总数错了, 只好再算一遍。

  5.过分地; 太 She is over polite.她太客气了。He was over nervous.他太紧张了。

  6.结束, 了结 The war was all over.战争结束了。His suffering will soon be over.他的苦难就要结束了。

  7.穿过(街道、开阔的空间等)8.完全覆盖(某人或某物)9. 以上;大于;多于 10.剩余的;未用的;不需要的 11.再;又 12.(表示位置变换)改变,掉换 13.(用于无线通话)完毕 形容词 adj.1.在上的;上方的;上部的2.上级的,上司的3.外面的;外层的 4.剩下的,多余的,额外的;另外的5.太大的;过分的6.结束的,完了的;另外的7.到达另一面的,越过的8.(鸡蛋等)两面煎的9.过去的名词 n.1.额外,剩余,多余;剩余(或多余)的量2.剩余物,多余物感叹词 interj.1.【电信学】报文完,请回复! 及物动词 vt.1.走过;跳过 Over 20 metres or so, there's a telephone-box there.再走二十几米,那里有一个电话亭。 2.[美国方言]从…恢复过来 Has he overed from his fury?他这会儿平静下来了吗? above介词 prep.1.(表示位置)在…正上方 The aeroplane was flying a few feet above the sea.飞机正在距海面几英尺的低空飞行。

  The chorus was seated above the orchestra.合唱队的座位高于乐队席。2.(表示方向)在…的另一侧; 在…往北 The water is smoother above the dam.坝的另一边水面平静些。

  The greatest part of Europe is situated above the 45th degree of Northern Latitude.欧洲绝大部分地区位于北纬45度以北。3.(表示比较)优于, 胜于; 较…更为; 高出 Because of her beauty, she has managed to marry above her.由于貌美, 她得以嫁给一个地位比她高的人。

  4.(表示环境)处在…之中; 逆着, 透过 The captain's voice was heard above the din.透过一片嘈杂声听到了船长的说话声。5.(表示程度)超过, 超越; 为…所不及 You can't expect to succeed if you attempt tasks above your ability.如果你要做能力达不到的事, 就别指望成功。

  6.(表示等级)在…之上, 高于 A lieutenant colonel ranks above a major.陆军中校比少校级别高。7.(表示否定)不受…的影响; 不至于 He is above meanness and deceit.他不至于搞卑鄙和欺骗行为。

  He was quite above owing his meal to the request of a little girl.他绝不屑于应一个小姑娘的邀请去吃。


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